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The mission of Rest and Nest Postpartum Doula Support is to bring confidence and joy into your postpartum space. I offer daytime and overnight support as well as postpartum planning that sets you up for success in the days leading up to and the days within your postpartum period. Postpartum can be challenging, but there is JOY to be found as well. I want to be the voice that cuts through all the uncertainty you may be feeling. I want to be the calm within the storm

Services and Pricing:

Services Cost Description Add Now
Daytime support $32

My support is tailor made for every families’ needs, but here is an example of what a typical daytime shift could look like. 

I’ll arrive and ask you how the previous night was, and how the day has gone so far. I’ll answer any questions you could have about the baby or their routine and any questions you might have about your healing or breastfeeding.

After debriefing a bit I’ll start by asking if you need anything done around the house (dishes, laundry, bottle prep, a nursery clean, meal prep, diaper bag restock etc). I can hold or play with the baby if you want to get a shower or nap in-or both!

If you are breastfeeding I am able to check the latch and assess if there should be anything to be concerned about and then direct you to local resources if need be. At the end of my shift I will make sure you are well prepared for the next time I see you, leave the house cleaner than when I arrived and answer any last questions you may have.

Head over to the FAQ page on my website for even more detail! 

Overnight Support $38

Every shift is tailor made for each families’ needs, but here is an example of what an overnight shift could look like.

I will arrive and speak with you about any questions or concerns you may have about the baby or yourself. Afterwards I will ask if there is anything I can do around the house while you’re sleeping. If preferred I will help with baby’s bedtime so you can go straight to bed. Or I can take over after baby goes down. I will set up in the living room, guestroom, or another preferred area and I will complete any tasks that we spoke about earlier. 

*If you are breastfeeding your child I will bring baby to you so they can eat, then take them back out to change them and get them back to bed. All you have to do is feed them, then go straight back to bed.

*If you are bottle feeding I will feed baby at the agreed upon time

If baby is sleeping soundly and all the tasks are completed then I will sit down to rest with the baby monitor near me so I will be alerted if I’m needed.

Before leaving my shift I will bring baby to you or leave them sleeping (whichever you prefer). I will debrief with you about how the night went when I see you in the morning, or if you are still sleeping, I will write it all down and leave it for you.

Postpartum planning $85

Creating a plan and knowing what to expect from your postpartum period can make a world of difference in how you feel, how you parent, and how you cope with your new lifestyle. And guess what…It can be joyful! Work with me to figure out how to make those big decisions that follow a new arrival. Some things we will discuss:

-What to expect from your body and hormones immediately after birth. How will that affect you?

-Will you breastfeed? Do you need resources for that? 

-Will baby be on a sleeping and eating routine or be fed and sleep strictly on demand?

           -What do you need at home to be prepared for baby?

-Will you offer a pacifier?

-Do you need to pump and/or go back to work? Do you need help planning for that?

-Do you have a plan for meals and grocery shopping?

-I will also include handouts on what the mother’s body is going through, breastfeeding information, feeding and sleep routines, newborn care information and more!

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