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How it Works

Know a parent or family in need of support? Want to give a service gift, like a prenatal massage? Did you LOVE a service you used and want to gift that to someone else? Now you CAN and from ANYWHERE! Here’s how…

  1. Identify the service you would like to gift. You can…
    • Browse our directory of local, trusted providers and suggest a specific provider for your recipient,
    • Send your gift with a generic service title (i.e., Lactation Consultant) as well as the link to our provider directory, so your recipient can browse and select a provider.
  2. Your recipient will redeem online and receive your gifted funds.
  3. The recipient can use the funds towards the service you selected for them. Your cash gift is flexible and the recipient can use the funds in other ways, should any other needs arise.

What are some examples of a babycito one-time gift?

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