Family Concierge Services

Individual and tailored support to help you and your family connect with the local providers you need

How it Works

Our Service Coordinators will share resources and personally connect you with local, family-focused support. Concierge services include a welcome call to get to know you and your family’s needs, resources and provider connections, service registry creation if requested, and a follow up call to see how things are going. Our Family Concierge service is $175.

Get Started Now!

Personalized Support for Your Family

Leverage our knowledge and provider network to find and connect with the support your family needs and/or wants.

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    Step 1: Get Started
    Quickly and easily schedule your 30 minute Welcome Call.
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    Step 2: Personalized Planning
    Meet with Amy and Lindsay (babycito Founders) to discuss your family’s needs.
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    Step 3: Unlock Resources
    We’ll provide and connect you with 3 resources for each request and/or create your service registry.
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    Step 4: Ongoing Support
    Follow up with Lindsay and Amy to see how things are going.

When To Use Family Concierge

Here are just a few examples of when families have taken advantage of our family concierge services. Families who….

  • Need support finding and securing a nanny or childcare
  • Need support finding a babysitter for things like date night or occasional coverage
  • Need support finding a specific provider (swim lessons, piano lessons, ABA Therapy, child psychiatrist, etc.)
  • Just moved to the area and need help lining up ALL the providers (pediatrician, dentist, specialists, soccer team, gymnastics, etc.)
  • Are interested in setting up a service registry and want support or don’t have time to put it together themselves

Download our free service guide

We will send you a link to download our free Service Guide