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My vision is to help expectant parents all over the world become empowered during labor, no matter how they plan to labor or deliver, with or without pain medication, vaginal or c-section.  I want to create parents who know what to expect and what questions to ask when different scenarios arise.  I want to help expectant parents partake in and make educated decisions when decisions need to be made.  I want to help create your support team who will truly prepare and support you during labor, birth and during the postpartum period.

Services and Pricing:

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Master Childbirth Class $200

I have created this course specifically to give you the best chance of having a vaginal delivery. Learn the process of childbirth along with the steps you can take to increase your chance of reaching your goal. Feel confident and empowered that you are learning from an expert to prepare for labor and delivery. You see, I’ve assisted over 4,000 women with the labor and deliveries of their babies. I’ve learned a lot about the fundamentals of childbirth and the small adjustments that can affect your outcome.

The Childbirth Master Class will give you the most accurate and useful information about labor, delivery, interventions and so much more. In just a few hours, revolutionize your mind and your approach. In this course, you will learn about:

  • Birth plans, communication and setting up expectations.
  • Anatomy of your pregnancy
  • Fetal tests and monitoring and how they can make a difference
  • Effacement, dilation and station – why this is important
  • Signs of Labor and how to know when to call your doctor and go to the hospital or birth center
  • Timing contractions and what to do and look for if your water breaks
  • Stages of Labor – what to expect and what you and your partner can do during each stage
  • Pushing – how to, positions, what to expect, descent of baby
  • Delivery – cutting the cord, stem cell collection, placenta
  • Immediate Postpartum Recovery
  • All interventions including epidurals, breaking your water, internal monitors, assisted deliveries and c-sections
CPR and Childproofing $110

I created this course specifically to give you the peace of mind that you deserve. Know that you have done everything possible to prepare yourself and your home for your precious baby. You see, I’ve been there myself. 20 years ago, I gave birth to my first of three babies. I know how they grow, what they get into and the challenges and fear you will face.

Childproofing & CPR Made Simple will enlighten you with the steps needed to help you set up a safe environment, avoid unintentional accidents and manage emergencies if they occur. You will learn how to save a life. In less than time it takes to watch a great movie, you‘ll learn:

  • Important Information about Injuries
  • Preventing 3 most common causes of unintentional death
  • Safe Sleep Habits for Infants
  • What May Puts Babies at High Risk for SIDS
  • Ways to Avoid Suffocation
  • How a Toilet Paper Roll can Help
  • Keep Your Baby Safe
  • Dangers of Water Bottles
  • Motor Vehicle Safety
  • The Car Seat Pinch Test
  • Tips to Prevent Drowning
  • Button Battery Safety
  • Burn Prevention
  • Toy Safety
  • Medication Safety
  • Poison Prevention
  • TV and Furniture Tip Over Safety
  • Safety Around Vehicles
  • Fire and Carbon Monoxide Safety
  • Fall Prevention
  • Babysitter Safety
  • Resources
  • BONUS MATERIAL:  Downloadable Action Workbook to Help You Be Better Prepared
Elementary Newborn Care $110

I created this course to help new parents learn the elementary basics of newborn care.  Every newborn is different and has his or her own unique characteristics.  Learning about newborns, what to expect in the first six weeks and how to care for them can really help you feel better prepared as you begin your journey into parenthood.  Being prepared for your newborn will help ease the pressure of learning while you are exhausted.  You see, I’ve been there myself. 19 years ago, I gave birth to my first of three babies. I know how hard the newborn phase is.  The information I share is incredibly helpful to new parents who have little or no experience with newborns.

Elementary Newborn Maintenance will help you know the normal expectations so you can better recognize the abnormals, if any.  I will help you set up a prepared environment with newborn essentials and how to care for your precious baby.  In addition to this, you‘ll learn:

  • What to expect at birth and during your hospital stay.
  • Newborn sleep and other normal expectations from your baby.
  • How to comfort your newborn and crying expectations.
  • Newborn hunger cues, when and how to feed, signs your baby is getting enough.
  • Signs that your baby isn’t feeding well and when to call the doctor.
  • Diapering, rashes, output expectations and when to call your doctor.
  • How to bath and dress your baby as well as care for nails, umbilical cord, etc.
  • Signs of illness and when to call your doctor.
Breastfeeding Success $110

This course is created to help you increase your chance of breastfeeding success!  Breastfeeding tends to produce a lot of anxiety and concern with new parents.  Learning what to expect and how to overcome hurdles is one of the best ways to prepare.  Learning before your baby arrives will equip you with the right tools so you are ready to feed and succeed.  It will also help you avoid some of the common mistakes new parents may unknowingly make that may decrease your milk production.

Breastfeeding Success will help you learn all about breastfeeding, troubleshoot challenges that may occur and learn all about pumping and storing breastmilk as well!  In addition to this, you‘ll learn:

  • How breastfeeding works – your amazing body.
  • How your body makes and transitions your milk.
  • How to properly position and latch your baby – some secrets shared.
  • The difference between effective and ineffective latching.
  • Feeding cues – when to feed your baby.
  • Is your baby getting enough milk? How to be sure.
  • When to call your healthcare provider.
  • Expressing breastmilk – more than just pumping.
  • Caring for your breasts and nipples.
  • Proper pumping and storage of breastmilk.

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