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What makes Doulas of Capitol Hill unique is our personalized support through specialized concierge services and the connections made in our parent network. When you hire us, you are not just hiring the primary doula of your choice, but a company that was founded on supporting the entire family, building the community, and growing our profession.

We offer a variety of packages and services for each stage of your journey.

Services and Pricing:

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Preconception and Fertility Doula Services - A preconception or fertility doula is a source of support and information for those who are considering having a baby, have been trying to conceive, are undergoing fertility treatments, or have experienced a loss and need support with the emotions and challenges of trying to conceive again. create custom service
First Trimester Concierge - Get on-call phone and text support specifically during the first trimester of your pregnancy to make sure all your questions are answered about being newly pregnant. create custom service
Adoption and Surrogacy -

There is more than one way to become a parent.

Doulas are not just for those birthing a baby. Doulas of Capitol Hill provides consistent, reliable support for the transition into parenthood - whether that be for a woman placing her baby with a new family, carrying another family's child, or for any family welcoming a new child into their home.

Our goal is to help ensure a smooth transition for the birth mother, the baby, and the adoptive family.

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Antepartum Doula -

Are you experiencing medical concerns or need extra mental health and wellness support during your pregnancy?

Our antepartum doula is an expert in providing in-home care, understanding, and help to expecting parents that are having unexpected complications, have been placed on bedrest, or need expert guidance to navigate the pregnancy.

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Education Classes -

Our education classes are judgment-free discussions that are offered as a private class or in a group setting with our community affiliate, Nested. We offer 4 classes exclusively to our doula clients: Childbirth Education, Birthing and Breathing, Newborn Care 101, and Lactation/Infant Feeding Basics.

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Personal Chef -

Let us take one thing off your plate and make life run more smoothly with an experienced in-home chef to create a boutique gourmet meal experience for you and your family.

We know being a full-time new parent is work. Shopping, cooking, and cleaning are all taken care of with a menu you feel good about.

Book our personal family chef to prepare you delicious, healthy meals that reflect your family food preferences.

Personal chef packages can be booked for date night or a special occasion, bulk meal preparation, cooking demonstrations, baby food preparation, a 3-day juice and smoothie reboot, herbal tea blends, and more!

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Massage -

We offer pre and post-natal massage to reduce your stress levels, aid in pain management and recovery from physical changes or birth, and provide mental wellness and self-care.

Our massage packages will reduce stress levels, aid in physical recovery from birth, and help you manage self-care all from the comfort of your living room with your baby close by. Choose one of our three packages :

  • Prenatal Massage
  • Wellness Massage
  • Postpartum Massage

Or contact us to book an a la carte one-hour massage experience.

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Maternity Photography -

Capture that pregnancy “glow” with creativity and style when you book a maternity photo session.

Our photographer will make sure you feel beautiful as you showcase your pregnancy “bump” and the new life your body is working so hard to grow.

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Personal Shopper -

Need assistance knowing what to buy before your new baby arrives?

Our pregnancy and newborn expert will help curate a baby shower registry, nursery shopping list, and all the must-have items from your favorite stores.

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Car Seat Installation & Education -

Our nationally Certified Child Passenger Technician (CPST provides guidance on the safety and installation of a car seat for your new baby.

The technician will come to your home, discuss seat choices, offer guidance on if a previously owned seat is still ok to use, and teach you how to install the seat properly in your vehicle.

No question about your infant’s safe travel in your vehicle will go unanswered.

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