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We're Dads With Wisdom — a network for men on their journey through Fatherhood. Whether you're waiting for your first, cradling your newborn, or adding another addition to your team, Dads With Wisdom is a league to call your own.

Dads With Wisdom seeks to build on men's knowledge, skills and instincts of fatherhood by placing men into groups/teams of potential or current fathers where they can connect, share and receive support from each other and DWW staff with the goal of becoming wiser dads. 

Services and Pricing:

Services Cost Description Add Now
Rookie Season (New dads group) $230.00 This group is a 10-week group for new fathers of children 0-1. There are no locational requirements. This is most helpful for dads who would like to meet and connect with other new dads, want a space to talk to other dads about parenting methods, communicating with partners and co-parents, and dealing with strategies to support your work and life.
Entering the draft (birth prep for fathers) - A FREE virtual support hour for expecting fathers (Entering the Draft). There are no locational requirements. create custom service

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