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Are you ready to level up your pelvic health and have the pregnancy, birth, and postpartum experience you've always dreamed of? At Virtual Physio, we offer several solutions to address all your pelvic health and postpartum needs, regardless of your stage of parenthood!

Virtual Physio is a leading provider of evidence-based wellness and physical therapy services that focus on treating the whole person, not just their impairments. Our team of expert Performance Physical Therapists is dedicated to helping individuals manage complex conditions of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum through a variety of services, including mobile physical therapy and personalized health coaching. 

These services are designed to provide a comprehensive approach to pelvic health and wellness that includes fitness, nutrition, and accountability for sustainable results. Whether you’re looking for targeted physical therapy treatment or a more holistic health coaching program, Virtual Physio has the expertise and resources to help you achieve your goals.

Virtual Physio serves Fairfax and Loudoun County, Virginia for mobile services. You can also see Dr. Lindsay for prenatal and postpartum care at the Body, Birth, and Baby Center in Leesburg, Virginia. 

Services include:

- Prenatal Physical Therapy

- Birth Preparation Sessions

- Postpartum Physical Therapy

- Blocked Milk Duct Therapy

- Pelvic Health Rehab Services

- Performance Health Coaching

- Prenatal and Posptartum Workshops

Services and Pricing:

Services Cost Description Add Now
Prenatal Physical Therapy and Birth Prep Package $1600

The ultimate prenatal package to learn how to optimize your body during prengnancy, prepare for birth, and recover postpartum. Prenatal sessions include training in core and pelvic floor exercises, baby and pelvic positioning, birth and laboring techniques, perineal massage instruction, pushing mechanics and guided practice, postpartum rehab recommendations and MORE!

The VP Prenatal and Birth Prep Physical Therapy Package includes:

  • 7 one-hour prenatal physical therapy sessions at the Body, Birth, and Baby Center in Leesburg
  • 1 one-hour mobile prenatal physical therapy session with partner (for labor and birthing positions)


Sessions can be used within 1 year of purchase. Starting by the second trimester optimizes results.

Pelvic Health Workshop (Prenatal or Postpartum) $50

Join us at the Body, Birth and Baby Center in Leesburg for one of our prenatal or postpartum pelvic health workshops. These are 1-hour interactive workshops with Dr. Lindsay to learn more about your core and pelvic floor and how you can optimize your health during pregnancy and/or postpartum. Please check the website listed below for upcoming workshop dates. 


Prenatal Workshop: Preparaing Your Pelvic Floor for Birth

Postpartum Worskhop: Postpartum Exercise Foundations

Birth Preparation Session (1-hour) $300

Learn more about how to prepare your body for birth in this 1-hour in-home session with a pelvic health specialist. In this session you will learn: positions for labor and birth, how to optimize positioning for your body, pelvic floor relaxation techniques, perineal instruction, pushing and coached practice, as well as partner strategies for labor and birth. 


This session is best done between 32 and 34 weeks of pregnancy. Partners encouraged to attend!

Pelvic Health Evaluation (1-hour) $300

Get a comprehensive pelvic floor evaluation and a personalized treatment plan in this 1-hour in-home physical therapy session with a pelvic health specialist. 


This session is intended to help individuals experiencing incontinence, pelvic pain, constipation, bloating, urinary urgency/frequency, tailbone pain, diastasis rectus abdominis (DRA), or pain with intercourse. 

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