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Evolving Family Health

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Dr. Kabir understands that each path to optimal health and wellness is unique. That’s why she provides care that is not only compassionate and evidence-based, but also highly-individualized. Getting to the heart of the matter can take time so families are provided longer visits, typically 60 – 90 minutes per session, on more than one occasion as needed, and within their own home if preferred.  In addition to empowering patients and their families with knowledge that motivates them to better manage and prevent symptoms, she is an experienced advocate for families, helping to coordinate their care across multiple disciplines and systems.

Meeting her patients and families where they are–literally within their home or hers–and in terms of assessing their readiness for a particular diagnosis or various treatment options – gives her the ability to provide more relevant medical care within a natural environment where patients feel most relaxed.

When parents and children are not rushed, when they are heard and feel valued, they are more willing to trust and collaborate with their physician. At Evolving Family Health, patients receive the guidance and resources necessary to make informed health care decisions, improve their health and self-care, and navigate an increasingly complex healthcare system.

On the other side of a challenging journey with her own son, Dr. Kabir wishes nothing more than to advocate for her patients and their families, helping them feel less alone, more supported, and able to lead healthy and fulfilling lives.

After all, she’s been there.

Services and Pricing:

Services Cost Description Add Now
Newborns & Infants - Newborn and infant feeding issues and lactation support create custom service
Toddler & Childhood -
  • Toddler and childhood behavioral concerns
  • Evaluations for ADD, ADHD, and autism
create custom service
Mental Health -

Mental health evaluations including anxiety, depression, and post-partum despression

create custom service
Adolescent and Teen Reproductive Health - create custom service
Medication and Integrative Options - create custom service
Motivational and Strengths-Based Conseling - create custom service

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