The Fatherhood Circle

Guided groups helping dads get the most out of fatherhood so they can give their best to their families

The Fatherhood Circle

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Something’s Been Missing for Dads

Fatherhood is the most important, most challenging, and most rewarding role most of us will take on in life, but there is very little support out there specifically for dads, and what does exist falls short of our needs:

We need something more responsive, more intentional, more readily applicable to our individual situations.

What We Offer

We bring together small groups of dads that recognize how each of us needs to find our own way to being whatever a great dad looks like for us and our families, and that our best support on that path often comes from other dads who understand the challenges, joys, frustrations, and triumphs we all face.

Our professionally guided groups cultivate intentional spaces where dads can unwind and be themselves while exploring some of the most important issues related to fatherhood so that we can gain insight and clarity on how to do the dad thing and show up as our best selves with our families.

Services and Pricing:

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Small Groups for Dads -

We convene small groups of dads that offer resources and space to de-stress, learn applicable skills, and invest in the pursuit of being your best as a father. We aren’t providing an instruction manual on how to be a dad - we’re offering the tools and support to help you get to whatever being a great dad looks like for you and your family.

Meetings are offered both in person and online as a series of five lightly structured gatherings led by an experienced facilitator.

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