Acupuncture in Del Ray

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Acupuncture in Del Ray

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Traditional Asian medicine combines treatments, herbs and lifestyle recommendations together to support you on your journey. 

Come visit in downtown Del Ray, Alexandria.

Everyone is warmly welcome in the safe, inclusive space of Del Ray Wellness Center.


Set up a virtual or in person appointment from home.

Lifestyle is the most powerful longterm wellness tool.

Pop Up Workshops & Online Courses: From hour long workshops to 12 week live coaching classes, my greatest joy is giving you the tools to nurture yourself and your family.

Services and Pricing:

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Initial Acupuncture Visit (Adult) $160.00

First visits include consultation, plan and your first treatment. Diagnosis in traditional Asian medicine is a combination of your specific symptoms, pulse and tongue diagnosis. Based on my findings I will choose acupuncture points to support your body. You will rest with the needles for about 30 minutes and where appropriate, cupping and other modalities will be performed.

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