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Tooth Clues is your dental detective for kids! We are a premier pediatric dental practice in Leesburg, VA and welcome children of all ages to our high-tech, interactive and child-friendly dental office. Dr. Vani Takiar is a board certified pediatric laser dentist from the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry and is the lead mystery solver for all your child's dental concerns.

At Tooth Clues, our mission is to empower our patients to become their own oral health advocate. As respected leaders in pediatric dentistry, our purpose is to educate and inspire each patient so as to create a foundation of good oral health practices for overall well-being.

Utilizing advanced, cutting-edge technology, in a welcoming and exciting environment, we will strive to provide outstanding comprehensive dental care and services in the most compassionate and soothing manner possible for our patients.

At Tooth Clues, we guarantee that each experience with us will be positive and motivational, to ensure a lifetime of healthy smiles for your child.

Services and Pricing:

Services Cost Description Add Now
Dental Exams - For children of all ages beginning from the time of the first tooth eruption create custom service
Professional Dental Cleanings - Recommended every three to six months  create custom service
Fluoride Treatments - Recommended at least every six months to provide minerals to strengthen teeth and prevent cavities create custom service
Digital Xrays and Intraoral Camera - Advanced and cutting-edge technology used to detect cavities on the surfaces and between teeth create custom service
Sealants - A protective coating placed on teeth to prevent cavities create custom service
Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF) - A temporary/permanent option to control the progression of cavities create custom service
Habit Appliances/Mouthguards - Customized to the needs of our patients to control oral habits and protect teeth from trauma create custom service
Tooth Colored (White) Fillings - A treatment modality to address dental cavities create custom service
Baby Root Canal (Pulpotomy) - A treatment modality to address dental cavities create custom service
Crowns (Stainless Steel - Silver/Zirconia - White) - A treatment modality to address dental cavities create custom service
Extractions and Space Maintainers - A treatment modality to address dental cavities create custom service
Digital Scanner - Advanced and cutting-edge technology to scan teeth and fabricate 3D models for space maintainers and oral appliances create custom service
Lip/Tongue Tie (Frenectomies) - A treatment modality to address tethered oral tissue restrictions create custom service
Solea Laser Dentistry - Advanced and cutting-edge technology used to address dental cavities and soft tissue restrictions allowing for painless and virtually anesthesia free treatment create custom service
Sedation Dentistry - Offering nitrous oxide, oral sedation, intravenous and general anesthesia services to ensure patient comfort create custom service
Special Needs Dentistry - Offering accommodating and personalized care to patients with all special needs and complex medical/dental conditions create custom service
Emergency Dental Services/Treatment - As needed and available for all patients create custom service

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