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At Whole Body Health Chiropractic, We take care of the root cause of your Health problems with our advanced chiropractic and Functional Medicine approach.

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Whole Body Health chiropractors are healthcare professionals specializing in the examination and correction of spinal misalignments. After a detailed consultation and exam using X-ray analysis, they use many different adjusting techniques depending on your specific needs to help correct any problems in the spine, muscles and extremities to get you back to your normal alignment. When needed, they can refer you to a specialist for further care.

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Scoliosis Rehabilitation - Scoliosis affects many people today, and if it goes untended, it could lead to irreversible damage. Even as experts try to unearth the root cause of scoliosis, our Chiropractor, Dr. David Gustitus in Vienna, Virginia (VA), uses his experience, knowledge, and high-end technology to help patients struggling with this condition. create custom service

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