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Every child deserves safe, gentle chiropractic care. It is never too early to have your child’s spine checked. The first trauma to the spine occurs during the birth process. Whether a child is lifted out of a belly or pushed out of a vaginal canal, a baby’s spine experiences stress. Well adjusted babies sleep, feed, and grow strong. 


The nervous system is busy at work during a child's first year of life. Proper nervous system development contributes to a child’s ability to hit their milestones ie. lifting their head, turning, crawling, walking, talking, reading on time without delay, distortion, or skipping them all together. These milestones are foundational and a pediatric chiropractor is skilled in making sure your child is on track.


Kelayi Chiropractic & Wellness Boutique is a Black-owned, women-led company located in Alexandria, Virginia. We are on a mission to spread the power of holistic care during perinatal and pediatric periods in order to change the health trajectory of children in communities that need it the most. We serve our clients by providing a safe, nurturing, all encompassing space. Here at Kelayi mothers and their children acquire birthing resources, nutritional guidance, and holistic care. For more information call or text us at 703-518-7936.

Services and Pricing:

Services Cost Description Add Now
Chiropractic Care $175.00 Your initial visit is a 1 hour appointment. During this time, your clinician will discuss your health history and review your wellness goals in addition to what to expect under care. Visits for newborns and children include playtime, feed time, and several adjustments. We are careful to speak to children directly and help them feel safe! Follow-up visits are usually 30-40 minutes. Care plans are created to suit your needs.

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