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I am a full-spectrum doula serving the DMV area. I completed my training with Doula Trainings International in 2021. I have loved babies and birth my whole life, but giving birth to my daughter in May of 2021 really solidified my passion for supporting the birthing body. As a full-spectrum doula, I support a variety of reproductive events, specializing in birth and postpartum.

I like to describe myself as "Very Virgo" - I'm a detail-oriented perfectionist who loves giving advice and helping others. Prior to pursuing doula work, I ran a locally owned specialty coffee shop and because of it I will forever be a coffee nerd, for better or worse. I am an artist and calligrapher, which helps me find beauty in the imperfections in life. I am also a certified cat lady - literally, there's a certification involved - but I have a soft spot for all animals. In my spare time I love hanging out and being silly with my husband and daughter and our three cats in Reston, VA

Services and Pricing:

Services Cost Description Add Now
Birth Doula $900
  • Includes two 1-hour prenatal (around weeks 32 and 37 of pregnancy)
  • Postpartum preparation advice
  • One 1-hour postpartum visit within first 2 weeks after birth
  • Support during labor and birth
  • Support via email & text throughout
  • Discounted rate for postpartum support 
Labor Prep & Birth Doula $1260
  • Includes 6 weekly visits to prepare mind and body for birth starting in week 32
  • ​Postpartum preparation
  • One 1-hour postpartum visit within first 2 weeks after birth
  • Support during labor & birth
  • Support via email & text throughout
  • ​Discounted rate for postpartum support
Postpartum Doula $35
  • Set yourself up for success in your new role as a parent
  • Emotional support, sibling support, & household support
  • Breastfeeding support & latch assessment
  • Booked in blocks of at least 4 hours
  • Minimum 3 sessions (12hrs total)
  • Flexible schedule
Birth & Postpartum Doula $1260
  • Ease your mind by setting up postpartum support before baby arrives!
  • Includes 12 hours of postpartum support booked in blocks of 4 hours
  • Option to add on additional postpartum sessions
  • Option to add birth prep sessions
Private Childbirth Education $320
  • Comprehensive childbirth education class on your schedule
  • Option for in-person or virtual
  • Have classes customized to your unique pregnancy experience and preferences 
  • Total of 8 hours 

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