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We're Music and Spanish teachers and we teach online so that busy families can still participate in quality extracurricular learning without all the hassle of running around.

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We're not just teachers. We're moms too and we totally understand the daily struggle that comes with learning another language like Music or Spanish.

Services and Pricing:

Services Cost Description Add Now
Private Piano, Voice and Spanish Lessons $150

We love the relationships we form with our private lesson students. We are fully invested in their growth as a musician and a person. Each lesson is tailored to fit the needs of the specific student, and we go the extra mile to help our students be successful. All of our private lesson spots are currently full, but we would love to chat with you about joining our waitlist! Please email [email protected].


Private students pay a monthly membership fee of $150, which includes:

  1. Weekly 30-minute lessons via Zoom, averaging 4 lessons a month
  2. Regular communication and progress reports from your teacher
  3. One virtual Masterclass a semester
  4. One virtual Recital a semester
  5. Lessons are taught in English or Spanish
Online Summer Camps -

Summer camps at Little Chords are the perfect time to try out online learning with one of our amazing teachers! Space is limited so enroll early. Email [email protected] with questions!

Camps include:

Spanish immersion - learn some of the basics with fun songs, rhymes and stories! Ages 4+

Music and Movement - play with your little ones using songs, rhymes and stories Ages 6months+ (older siblings welcome)

Songwriting - learn some of the basic elements to writing your own song. An elementary knowledge of music is highly recommended for this camp. Ages 7+

Tangled Up - learn the basics of singing while learning some music from Disney's Tangled. You'll be a part of a video performance at the end of the week! Ages 4+

Intro to Piano - this camp is perfect for students starting to show interest in piano. Are you unsure if you're ready for lessons? Try this group piano class for 3 weeks this summer and see if your child is ready to start regular lessons. Ages 4+

Music Keys - Have you ever seen a keyboard player in a band or heard a song on spotify and thought, "man, I wish I could play that song!" In this summer camp we're giving you the tools you need to play some of your favorite pieces using lead sheets, chords, scale patterns and some basic improv. techniques. Ages 7+

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Preschool Spanish and Music - Coming this fall $80

This preschool Spanish class is designed to immerse your child in Spanish using routines, songs, poems, stories, and activities. It’s a blast and one of our favorite classes to teach!


Did you know that when a child learns a second language before the age of 5, they actually learn it in the same way as they learn their first language. 


What does that mean?


It means they take in the language information without categorizing it as “English” or “Spanish.” They process the language like a native speaker, and become fluent much more easily.


Main features

  • Teachers experienced with preschool piano students
  • Small class sizes (4-6 families = child + adult)
  • Fun interactive songs, poems, rhymes and stories
  • Students will learn basic conversational skills, and continually be exposed to native speech patterns, while emphasizing a core set of vocabulary, numbers, letter sounds and colors
  • Students needs to have access to  a smart device for the video classes
  • Lesson plans with native-speaker videos are sent home to practice with during the week


This class is designed for preschoolers, ages 3-6, and a parent or adult. It is perfect for families wanting to enrich their child’s life by adding second language instruction. We know from personal experience that daily listening is a vital element to learning another language. Several of our students have family members who speak Spanish, but we have found that often parents feel under-equipped to take on the task of teaching their child Spanish. This class is to support you! Your child can practice with a native speaker during weekly live classes. Lesson plans are easy to follow and include native-speaker videos, reading the stories, singing the songs and explaining the activities. You do not need to be a part of a bilingual family to be successful in this class.


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