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Providing nurturing, overnight care to newborns and evidence-based education to their parents since 2010.

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Let Mommy Sleep has been providing nurturing, overnight care to newborns and evidence-based education to their parents since 2010. Owner, Jordan Seidel, RN, LC is a Registered Nurse and Lactation Counselor who has been supporting infants, twins and their parents for almost 10 years.

How Does it Work?

Once we have an idea of when you'd like to start, we'll present a highly qualified and vetted candidate to care for baby and you overnight.

Then when service begins, the night nanny will feed, bring baby to you to breastfeed, diaper and soothe your newborn through the night and make sure your family is rested and ready for the day.

We'll also help baby sleep through the night if that's your goal.

Services and Pricing:

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Baby Basics & Postpartum Classes (2-hour class) -



Registered Nurses educate expecting/new parents virtually or in-home. Classes have an unlimited number of guests so grandparents, nannies and anyone else caring for your infant is welcome to attend for no additional charge. 


Baby Basics class happens before baby arrives and Postpartum Visits happen after. The main difference is that during a Postpartum Visit, RNs provide head-to-toe mental and physical assessments of mother, partner and baby. Early intervention helps head off possible health problems and hospital readmissions. 


Visits include evidence based education of: 

• Safe Sleep and minimizing SIDS risk
• Diapering, dressing, giving baby a bath
• Feeding support; breastfeeding, pumping, formula and bottle feeding
• how to safely soothe baby, how to swaddle
• Basic first aid and maintaining a safe home
• Head to toe assessments of mother, baby and partner

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