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I remember when my own child at 6 months wasn't sleeping well. It was affecting my relationship with her, my other daughter, my husband, and my work was suffering. I was not myself and I had extreme anxiety around her sleep. That all changed when we worked with a sleep consultant! Our personal experience is what lead me to make this my career. Sleep is not a luxery, it is a biological necessity! And I believe all families should be getting the best sleep possible! As your sleep consultant, I create personalized plan that is a best fit for your family's unique needs and walk you through a sequence of scaffolded steps that will teach your baby the skills necessary to fall asleep on their own and stay asleep without the help of anyone or anything. Sleep is a skill that can be taught and nearly all sleep challenges can be solved with gentle coaching. My method puts you in control and lets you be your child’s teacher!

Services and Pricing:

Services Cost Description Add Now
Baby Standard Package $299

(For babies aged 14 weeks - 18 months)

Ideal for families who need a little more support and encouragement through the process or who has a child that is a bit more *strong willed*. 95% of families fall into this group! To learn exactly what is included in this package, please click here.

Basic Baby Sleep Package $199

(For babies aged 14 weeks - 18 months)

For those families who feel they don't need as much support going through the process but still need help - this one is for you! To learn exactly what is included in this package, please click here.

Baby Premium Package $399

(For babies aged 14 weeks - 18 months)

Sleep training can be tough and it can be a bit nerve wracking. I get it because I've been there. This package is to support families who feel like they need more hand holding and immediate support. If you feel like you may need my "presence" a bit more, this is for you! To learn exactly what is included in this package, please click here.

Newborn Healthy Sleep Habits Package $250

(For newborns thriugh 14 weeks)

The newborn phase is hard. And we have all been told that newborns don't sleep well and to simply accept that you, the parent, will be sleep deprived. But this is not fully true! Helathy sleep habits can start from day one! This package is designed to inform you about newborn sleep needs and how to encourage healthy sleep habits. At this age, our work is not officially sleep training and we will follow developmentally appropriate practices to ensure the safety and health of your baby. We will work together from when you book this package through 14 weeks of age. There is the option of enrolling into the hybrid plan if necessary. This makes an excellent gift for someone who is expecting! For more information, please click here.

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