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Why Merrifield Pediatric Dentistry?

At Merrifield Pediatric Dentistry we believe every child is unique. We tailor custom treatment plans for each child. We strive to take a personalized boutique-style approach to childrens dentistry by adopting minimally invasive techniques and bioactive and BPA free materials whenever possible.

Services and Pricing:

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Medical Lip and Tongue Tie -

A frenectomy “release” procedure is commonly used to correct lip-tie or tongue-tie issues. At Merrifield Pediatric Dentistry, Dr. Ghatak specializes in safe and effective infant frenectomy procedures that she performs using a soft tissue laser or traditional surgical techniques.


What Are Lip & Tongue Ties?

A lip-tie or tongue-tie occurs when the small membranes (lingual frenulum) that connect soft tissues found in the mouth are too thick or are attached in a way that restricts normal functioning of the lip and tongue.


Those affected soft tissues are located between the infant’s front teeth or are used to anchor and stabilize the tongue. Diminished mobility can cause poor latching when an infant tries to breastfeed, which may also make breastfeeding more painful for the mother.


Does My Child Have a Lip or Tongue Tie?

In addition to poor latching while breastfeeding, tongue tie or lip tie symptoms may include gassiness, falling asleep while feeding, trouble taking in enough milk, slow weight gain, colic, or an inability for the child to hold a pacifier in their mouth.     


If you suspect that your child has an issue, it’s best to seek a diagnosis from a licensed pediatrician, pediatric dentist, and/or International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). Using a team-focused, holistic approach will help ensure that your child gets the care they deserve. If you currently don’t have a board-certified lactation specialist, Dr. Ghatak can refer you to one nearby.

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Laser Dentistry - We use biolase laser for treatment which requires no injections and is minimally invasive. create custom service
Sedation -

We understand the apprehension and anxiety parents have when confronted with the need to sedate their children for any reason. As a result, and in contrast to the usual approach by pediatric dentists, Dr. Ghatak has developed a more conservative approach, substantially reducing the need for sedation by spending the extra time necessary to ensure children are comfortable.  Our office offers two methods of dental sedation when deemed necessary.

  • Laughing Gas: Nitrous oxide or laughing gas is widely used in pediatric dentistry. It may be indicated for patients with small amounts of dental treatment. It aims to reduce dental anxiety and allows children to sit still for extended periods of time. It is safe and effective when administered with oxygen and is easily taken through a colorful, scented nosepiece. Children area fully conscious during the visit and afterwards, the gas is quickly eliminated from the body with normal breathing.
  • General Anesthesia: Should your child require general anesthesia, our office has a relationship with Pediatric Dental Anesthesia Associates, an extremely competent and caring pediatric anesthesiologists, who helps us make the whole process as comfortable as possible for our patients and our parents.
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Expanders - A palatal expander is placed to widen the palate and correct tooth position. create custom service

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