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babycito provides a great A-B-C guide for your journey up to and starting parenthood. Unfortunately, parenting doesn't arrive with a similar handy guide. 

Every parent's journey is too incredibly unique: genetics, temperaments, life experiences, family situation.

Of course, we all set out for happiness and success for our children. So how do you know when it's time for a parent coach? Any of these sound like you?

How does Parent Coaching help?

Be prepared: these tools will carry you through the teenage years and beyond .  .  . 

Ready for change? Ready to understand your children, yourself, and what's going on in the family? 

Let's jump on a complementary call to see if Parent Coaching is right for you. 

Services and Pricing:

Services Cost Description Add Now
One-on-One Coaching: 6 Session Package $1200

A package of six sessions to dive into what's happening beneath the surface and work through a customized strategy to change the family dynamic.  By establishing weekly plans with specific goals, you can tackle the immediate behavioral issues with tools that allow you to understand yourself and your child more, which is the basis for a deeper connection. The regular support will enable you to move forward with the clarity and confidence to be the parent you want, and they need. Your partner or caregiver is invited to join ($200 per session).


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The Reset $300

Book a one-off, 90-min session with Mary for flexible, on demand support. No matter what or how big the parenting conundrum, it is never too late to reset.  We will untangle your specific challenge or dynamic, and Mary will provide you with expertise and a customized plan with the tools to shift the family dynamic. This includes a 30 minute follow up for any questions or issues that arise. Your partner or caregiver is invited to join. 


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MicroSteps Weekly Membership (Paid Monthly) $125

(Monthly fee of $125 includes 4 weekly group coaching calls)

You are busy. Trying to figure out which book to read, which workshop to go to, which webinar is worth it can make you feel like a proverbial chicken with no head.  The MicroSteps Weekly membership takes all of that thinking out of your hands and you have a community of like-minded parents alongside you. You show up, share your struggles, and we'll find strategies for you to put to use right away. Rinse and repeat. Weekly. You'll have the answers right at your fingertips, try it on at home, and begin to feel more confident as a parent -- and more connected to your child.


MicroSteps Minute Weekly includes:

  • Live weekly coaching call
  • Private community to share successes, frustrations, and ask questions
  • Education and training to address
  • your specific issues and questions, every Monday.
  • Online portal so you have access to coaching sessions and workshops at your convenience

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