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What's unique about Mother Clusters?  They are handcrafted so every cluster is its own unique and delectable creation.  Mother Clusters are also easily customizable to your favorite flavors and mix-ins, so let us know what you love!​

We specialize in events including birthdays and baby showers, give-aways, corporate gifting, appreciation gifts, and cluster gift packages.

Mother Clusters is a home-based cottage food business and each batch is made with TLC!

Services and Pricing:

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Birthday parties -

Mother Clusters can help make your child's birthday party extra special!  We can offer several different options of clusters to put out on a dessert table, we can individually package clusters as take-home gifts, or we can make a full cluster bar!

Talk to us about our fun birthday clusters or customizing clusters to your child's favorite snacks and candies.  

And if you want something a little out of the ordinary, they can blow their candles out on clusters!

Pricing is dependent upon type, quanitity, and packaging.  To inquiry, please email [email protected]

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Baby shower -

Your baby shower will be a hit with Mother Clusters!  There are so many options when it comes to celebrating you and your baby. For fun and games, we can be the hilarious gag gift you've been looking for!  We can plop our clusters in diapers and you can take it from there :)  A great way to suprise your guests with a "loaded" diaper that everyone would actually look forward to!

Or if you're looking for something "cleaner", we have a variety of clusters to choose from on a dessert table, can have clusters made in pink or blue, or can have a cluster give-away for your guests.  

Pricing is dependent upon flavor, packaging, and amount. To inquire, email us at [email protected]

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Gender reveal party -

Let us help you reveal your baby's gender!  Take a bite out of our gender reveal clusters and find out in the most delicious way!  If you want to privately or publicly reveal, we got you covered.

If you choose to reveal in another creative way, we would love to provide treats for your guests!

Talk to us about our scrumptious options!

Pricing is dependent upon flavor, amount, and packaging.  Email us at [email protected] to learn more.  

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