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What Exactly Is Not Your Mama's Birth Class?

Because birth prep is more than learning to change a diaper.

A class where the name pretty much says it all. We are 21st century parents who need, want, and DESERVE to know how our bodies are changing during pregnancy, the many ways to maximize knowledge of the body during labor and delivery, and what early postpartum can entail.

Not Your Mama's Birth Services was founded with honest education, empowerment, and community in mind. Classes are inclusive and all encompassing; we are breaking down labor and delivery while also honoring each birthing person's individual needs and preferences.

Your mom may have not even had birthing classes available to them or the classes left much to be desired. But Not Your Mama's aims to alter that outcome for ya. The series of classes will answer important questions like, what are the ways to prepare the mind and body for labor? And do you really need continuous fetal monitoring?

These and many more facets of labor and delivery are covered in Not Your Mama's Birth Class because ultimately knowledge is power and the best way to prepare for one of the biggest and most meaningful transitions in life is to learn with an open mind, gain confidence, and accept all possible outcomes with a calm heart.

Services and Pricing:

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Pathway To Birth: The Birth Class Series -

A 5 week long class consisting of weekly 2 hour meet ups where we will educate ourselves about pregnancy while empowering our upcoming labor, delivery, and postpartum journeys. Expecting parents will receive digital resources, handouts to use in their birth planning, AND the opportunity to have a Pregnancy Pep Talk with Kaila at any time during or after the series.


Currently all classes are online, in person classes (Northern Virginia area) coming soon!


Click here for pricing and to find out when the next series begins!

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Gimme Everything! -

This bundle's got.everything.


A kick-ass, empowering 5 week long birth class along and a one-on-one Birth Planning Session before the big day plus a Postpartum Check In after baby has come earth side.


It's giving "I want allllll my bases covered, plz" vibes.

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Gimme Some -

For the planner and Type A in all of us.


You want to attend the 5 week long Birth Class Series and know you're gonna need some one-on-one time to talk birth plans outside of class time.


It's giving "fully committed to this whole, I'm about to have a baby & I wanna get ready" vibes.


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Gimme Before & After -

Ideal for non first timers, this bundle offers a private one-on-one Birth Planning Session and a Postpartum Check In.


For those who have given birth before, maybe it's been a while, or you want to make sure you're up to date on all of your birth plan options, or you're looking to switch up your preferences this time around. And you already know you're going to want some time to debrief afterwards when it's you and baby in diapers.


It's giving "here we go again" vibes.


Please choose whether you would like one or both sessions to be virtual or in person.

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