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Pediatric Bilingual Speech Therapist in the heart of Falls Church, VA.

Brainstorm Speech Therapy

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BrainStorm Speech Therapy is an out-of-network, pediatric, bilingual, speech-language, and feeding therapy practice that provides personalized services to children between 0-5 years old in Falls Church, VA, and surrounding areas. 

We specialize in myofunctional therapy, feeding therapy, and bilingual speech-language developmental delays. 

Our approaches include: 

·      Parent Coaching with love  

·      Play-based / Child-led Therapy 

·      Person-Center Therapy 

​.      Happy Meals for the whole family

·      Routine-based intervention

·      Relationships FIRST

·      Neuroaffirmative


Every client gets a holistic-individualized assessment based on their specific needs, and each treatment is led with empathy, respect, and understanding that every kid and family is different and deserves a unique experience and support. 

Brainstorm Speech Therapy provides in-home visits, office sessions, community immersion, and teletherapy, you decide what is best for you and your family and you are welcome to explore all our options.

Let's talk, together we will find the solution in English or ESPAÑOL

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Services and Pricing:

Services Cost Description Add Now
Orofacial / Myofunctional therapy -

Best for mouth breathers, thumb sucking, and orthodontic support.

We serve children, adolescents, and adults.

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Feeding Therapy -

Best for 'picky' eaters, breastfeeding support, or other feeding issues including coughing and gaging during meals, lack of chewing, spits out or throw up food a lot.

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Comprehensive Bilingual Speech and Language Evaluations -

Best for when you want to know more about your child's communication skills in English and Spanish including receptive ans expressive language skills, articulation or pronunciation, social-language skills including play skills, and myofunctional/feeding screening. 

Services for bilingual families - no matter the language but English in common

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