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Hi, I'm Amy!

As a breastfeeding expert supporting expectant & new moms for over a decade, I absolutely LOVE helping clients like you transform from being overwhelmed, stressed, and completely confused to a calm, confident mother who enjoys breastfeeding. 

You may doubt yourself or feel like you're failing in some sort of way, but trust me, breastfeeding isn't as intuitive you'd think.

I'm excited to show you, that with a little help, you can feel good about breastfeeding your baby.  And enjoy it too!

Services and Pricing:

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Rapid Relief | In-Home Lactation Support -


Is baby already here? Do you feel like you need help yesterday? Are you overwhelmed, in pain, or worried about weight gain?

With Rapid Relief, I come to your home and help you make adjustments to feel calm and confident. Now.

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Luxe Lactation Bundle | Premium 3-Visit Support Package -


Everything you need when you're expecting a baby in a premium 3-visit package

Visit 1:  We'll cover everything you need to know about breastfeeding with a 1:1 private, in-home prep session before the baby arrives
Visit 2: Reach out after delivery to schedule your first in-home consultation before you leave the hospital
Visit 3: We’ll assess weight gain, latch success and make necessary tweaks to perfect your care plan

Your concierge follow-up access will continue for two weeks past this final visit by email, text, or scheduled phone calls



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