The Sleepytime Consultant

I help tired moms teach their children to sleep through the night and take restful naps so they can fully enjoy motherhood!

The Sleepytime Consultant

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With my help, your baby will learn how to go to sleep independently, take long and rejuvenating naps and be an all around happier baby! Whether you’re looking for support in establishing healthy sleep habits with your newborn, or are ready to put an end to the never ending toddler bedtime routine, you have come to the right place! You have probably read many articles, heard many people’s opinions, and read several books on how to get your baby or child to sleep better, but with all of the contradicting information, you feel lost and even more confused! I can help by giving you a customized, detailed, easy to follow, step-by-step sleep plan personalized just for your baby or child. Together, we will solve your child’s sleep issues once and for all, your baby will wake up happy, and you can get your days and nights back.

I’m here to help you get your confidence back by teaching you how to take control of this situation, work with your baby or child, and get the rest you all deserve and need. 

"Kendra's services changed our life in just two weeks! We went a whole year not getting more than 1-2 hours of sleep at a time before the baby would wake up. He also had numerous sleep crutches that made it impossible for him to fall asleep on his own. Kendra gave us a common sense plan and excellent support to stick to the plan. With her help, our baby now sleeps through the night 10-12 hours and naps twice a day in his crib. LIFE CHANGING! Cannot recommend enough." - Kristen, Arlington, Virginia

Services and Pricing:

Services Cost Description Add Now
Baby Sleepytime Plan Basic $595.00

Babies 4-23 Months

  • Initial sleep evaluation
  • Private, 60-minute consultation
  • 3 follow up phone calls
  • 2 weeks of Voxer support
  • Sleepytime toolkit

"With Kendra's help, our 8 month old baby started sleeping 10-12 hours through the night, falling asleep independently, and finally connecting his sleep cycles during nap time." - Katie, Falls Church, Virginia

Child Sleepytime Plan Basic $695.00

24 Months - 8 Years

  • Initial sleep evaluation
  • Private, 60-90 minute consultation
  • Customized sleep plan
  • 4 follow up phone calls
  • 3 weeks of Voxer support
  • 3 weeks of email support
  • Sleepytime toolkit

"My husband and I found ourselves in a 6 month cycle where my 2 year old son Charlie couldn't fall asleep without one of us in his bedroom when it was time to sleep. From start to finish our bedtime 'routine', or lack there of, was taking hours and causing frustration for everyone. Tired mom, tired dad and tired little boy was not fun at all. When I reached out to Kendra, she thoroughly assessed our nightly routine, as well as many other factors. She basically had us flip our routine upside down and gradually wean ourselves out of Charlie's room. Within days of starting Kendra's customized sleep training, our son was falling asleep independently without protesting and sleeping through the night, for a consistent 11-12 hours. The gift of sleep is priceless, and Kendra helped us get that back. We can't thank her enough!" -Caroline, Washington D.C.

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