The Registry That Gives Mamas What They Want

  • Apr 17, 2023
  • Lindsey Hollaar

As a new mama, I’ve created my share of baby registries. I found the process overwhelming because there were so many things that every new mama supposedly needs! I felt pressure to add every single item that I anticipated I would need and then ended up with too much. There’s a whole closet in my house that now holds many of these baby registry fails. 

You don’t know what you don’t know. New mamas often need guidance of what baby items are essential and ones that you can live without. That’s where babycito comes in. Babycito’s registry offers a platform for mamas to discover and select local providers that support the success of their growing family. Whether they are a first time mama or a veteran mama - babycito has services for you! Babycito has created a registry that gives mamas what they really want (and need)!

babycito’s directory of trusted providers is categorized into three early parenting stages; anticipation of the baby, the birth, and continued care. Their carefully organized registry makes searching for services and providers a breeze. Mamas in all stages of motherhood can pick what they need for the present or future!

I’d like to share an initial overview of some of the notable providers I discovered in my search. These are a few of my favorite service providers from babycito’s registry. I put my mama stamp of approval on these providers:

Here are some new service providers that I discovered from babycito’s registry, that I plan to check-out (and hopefully put my mama stamp of approval on):

(Can you see how many new providers that I didn’t even know were around town?! Yeah, I’m gonna have to introduce myself to them - and you should too!)

What I love about babycito’s registry is that it shifts the focus from solely shopping for baby gifts and invites friends and family to give love to the mamas-to-be! Babycito’s registry gives mamas the opportunity to select gifts for themselves that they will actually use.  Babycito’s hosts services on their website that the new mama-to-be can use before, during, and after the baby has arrived. It celebrates, pampers, and provides crucial support for women in what can be a very vulnerable time. 

It was eye-opening for me to learn about new providers and services that I didn’t know even existed! My baby, Luke, just celebrated his first birthday and I decided to create a registry that would benefit the both of us. Signing up for babycito’s registry was as easy as 1-2-3. In fact, once you create your username and password, the platform literally gives you step-by-step instructions of how to complete your registry. 

First, you choose the occasion for your registry. Next, select the services and providers for you and your baby to add to your personalized registry. Then, you are prompted to link your bank account or card to receive funds once items are purchased from your registry. The last step is the best - you share your registry with friends and family! Let me tell you, they will be wow-ed to see this mama-centered registry. Family members who worry about buying too many “things” for your baby will jump for joy at this modern registry!

Take a peek at the registry I created for Luke’s birthday! I love how easy it is to share and go back to add more services. In addition to using the providers babycito offers, you can also add your own to your personalized registry.

Written by Lindsay Hollaar

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